Baby bump and back pain

Baby bump and back pain

Motherhood is a grand adventure that begins with little signs and signals of being pregnant. However, this exciting journey of life comes with stress and stiffness in the body. As the baby develops, the belly gets enlarged from a mini bump to watermelon size. Though the progress of the baby‘s growth starts in the first trimester the bump in the second trimester when your baby is of a peach size. Back pain is a very prominent symptom that often coincides with an increase in baby bump.

How it happens?

More than two-thirds of women face this problem. Change of posture, change of hormones, and this pain may continue post-pregnancy also. The discomfort and the bodily trauma during delivery and C Section.

Some medical conditions like diabetes and heart problems also aggravate the pain. The role of your obstetrician is vital in ensuring that you and your baby may not suffer from any further hardship.

How we take care?

Dr.Smiti Jain is a trained medical professional who guides the easy pain management techniques, appropriate therapies, and exercises suitable to the condition of the would-be mother. Her management approach to chronic health conditions makes her a high-risk expert. She is a certified and skilled specialist who advises the right postures for walking and sleeping to her patients so that they experience the least amount of discomfort during the whole gestational period. She puts all her efforts into keeping your joy of pregnancy as it is.