The importance of Exercise in the Postmenopausal years

The importance of Exercise in the Postmenopausal years

The benefits of exercise are widely known to everyone. Exercise is also recommended during the menopausal years when the woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes. Estrogen is the primary hormone that plays a protective role for our body and bones. After menopause, the level of estrogen declines. Being physically and mentally active has always been beneficial. 30 minutes of regular exercise at any age is the secret to a healthy life.

What happens when Estrogen level declines?

  • Rise in blood pressure.
  • Risk of Heart diseases. 
  • Increases bad cholesterol.
  • Weak bones osteoporosis.
  • Weight gain, especially around the belly area.

Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, mind relaxing activities like meditation, yoga, and other breathing exercises should be included in your day-to-day routine. Creative and entertaining exercises like Zumba and aerobics will make you sweaty and let your body consume the stored fat. Training in any form can make a difference. Start with light exercises, set small targets at the time of beginning, and push them forward as your stamina increases. Be committed to your health.

How can Exercise help after menopausal years?

  • Releases happy hormones
  • Makes your bones strong
  • Maintains your BMI, which further helps to control various problems
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Effects on metabolism
  • Solves sleeping problems

Exercise helps a lot in preventing any disease from being chronic. For more menopausal-related queries, all you need to do is to visit us with your questions, and our experts can be your best friends in dealing with menopausal issues, guiding you with specific medical treatments and therapies. Dr. Smiti evaluates your condition and suggests the best treatment suitable for your situation. For more information, visit our clinic and contact Dr. Smiti at