Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

There are many beautiful moments in life, but nothing is comparable to becoming a mother. This journey of 9 months comes with a variety of changes in the body. Gaining weight through all three trimesters is one such transformation but gaining more weight than recommended can lead to complications during delivery and post-pregnancy.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

It’s essential to gain weight during these 40 weeks, Research says that women who are overweight before pregnancy should gain less weight as too much increase in BMI can increase the risk to the baby’s health. The average Weight gain is 1.5 kg per month throughout the pregnancy is average.

However, as pregnancy progresses rapidly increasing weight can affect you causing certain problems like pain in legs, difficulty walking and can also lead to pregnancy issues like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and difficult labour.

  • Poor weight gain in pregnancy can also be worrisome as it may cause low birth weight, maternal exhaustion and weakness. A balanced and healthy diet right from the very first month is important to gain weight consistently
  • Light and Frequent exercises can avoid complications. Besides these, working with your obstetrician on your health condition is mandatory.

Care with Dr Smiti Jain (MRCOG (UK, London), DNB, DGO, MBBS)

Throughout 40 weeks, the life growing inside you Light and frequent exercises. Your pregnancy journey depends on the experienced hands of your health career. Dr Smiti is a specialized obstetrician who has successfully treated her patients with her expertise and skills.

Having a proficient and expert obstetrician like Dr Smiti beside you brings peace of mind and confidence throughout this crucial phase of life. She suggests all the dietary changes required for a healthy delivery and good weight gain.

Final Thoughts

From conducting prenatal tests to the postpartum physical changes, Dr Smiti has all the answers to your questions and provides the care you need. For any query, feel free to connect with us.