5 Hot Tips for Parents to Prepare for Their Child’s First Day of School


5 Hot Tips for Parents to Prepare for Their Child’s First Day of School

The first day of preschool can be an exciting one and an overwhelming one. Your child is about to step into the unknown world. She will be away from mommy for the first time since she is born. So, it can be an anxious moment for her. For you and your child, this is yet another milestone achieved.

Since the day she was born, the day she first smiled, she uttered her first word, she stood for the first time and walked her first step, to today, when she is about to step into a school, you and your child are crossing milestones. Life is never the same when your baby is born with the guidance of experienced gynecologist in Noida City. And when she enters preschool, life again changes. Now you will have another routine, a busier one. Earlier, you were busy breastfeeding your baby, attending to her day in and out, and helping her achieve her milestones. Now, you will be busy helping her enter the schooling phase of life.

Hot Tip #1:


not make your child anxious. Tell her about preschool in advance. Don’t surprise her by taking her to a preschool and then leaving her there. It would come as a shock to her. Explain to her that she will be away for a few hours from mommy every day, but this should not worry about her. School is a part of life and every child has to go to school. Do not show your anxiety either. Show her that you are happy she is now attending school.

Hot Tip #2:


Check out the preschool before you finalize it. Take a look around. Talk to the teachers. Know their curriculum. Sense the vibes. Then make the decision. Choose a preschool that is convenient in time and distance for you.

Hot Tip #3:


Do not rush your child on the morning of her first day of preschool. This can make her nervous. Wake her up early. Get ready in a relaxed manner. Make the day an exciting and positive one so that she can feel positive energy and associate school with positivity.

 Hot Tip #4:


Once you leave your child at the preschool on the first day, do not stay there for a while. Just go back home. Your child may show tantrums or cry. Do not succumb to her bawling and resisting behavior. It will be a matter of only a few days before your child feels comfortable. This is the first day, so you can expect your child to cry or resist and even create the saddest face to make you guilty of leaving her. However, you are an adult and need to be firm in your decision.

Hot Tip #5:


Teach your child a few essential things like tying her shoelaces, opening the lunch box, holding the pencil, and more. This will make her independent at preschool. Although the teachers help children, when your child knows how to do these little things, it gives her confidence.

The first day of preschool leaves the first impression on a child. Make it positive as far as possible so that she always associates school and study with positivity in life.