5 Smart Ways for Parents to Handle their Depressed Teen


5 Smart Ways for Parents to Handle their Depressed Teen

Teenage can be quite trying. Boys and girls have just completed their childhood and are heading towards adulthood. They start to create their own identity. This age brings a lot of physical changes. Till now, a child did as he/she was told. Now, the child wants to do their own things. But they are confused. So, for a typical girl or boy, it could be overwhelming.

It is common for teenagers to go into depression at some point of their teen years. Some become too aggressive; some too passive; while there are also teens who know what to do.

According to a reputable female gynecologist in Noida Extension, teenage depression can be treated. However, the problem is most teenagers never get any help.

 Being a teen in a typical Indian society

Due to globalization, teens are exposed to a myriad of cultures. They fascinate them. Teens may want to try new cultures. Indian parents, in that sense, prove to be a bit rigid and narrow in their views, although a lot of parents today choose the broad-minded approach. Yet, when it comes to understanding a teenager, Indian parents may still need to work hard on this.

Your child is no longer a child. Of course, for you he/she may always be your baby, but you must understand that he/she has a personality of her own. Your child is an individual seeking their own identity. Please accept this. This isn’t the age to give your child orders. It’s time to be more like a friend than like a parent.

One of the reasons of depression in teenagers, not only in India, but also in other countries, is the feeling of being trapped. Lack of freedom to pursue their own dreams, to put forward their opinions, and to take newer initiatives may put a teen into depression.

 Here are a few tips for parents to handle their teenagers in a healthy manner:

Avoid lecturing them.


Please don’t start by saying, “In our age, we used to do like this or that…!”

Listen to them.


The thing that they are communicating with you is a positive sign.

Support them.


Understand their mood swings. It’s natural. Their bodies are undergoing a hormonal rush. Not their fault.

Ask questions.


But do not expect an answer soon. Avoid pressurizing them to answer either. They will talk when they feel ready and if they trust you.

Spend time with them.


Many teenagers feel lonely and complain that their mom and dad hardly care for them. Of course, they have their own peer group; but they want you too.

If you have a teen daughter at home, make sure you schedule an appointment with a reputable female gynecologist for her first gyne checkup.