7 Amazingly Effective Ways to Deal with Birth Pain

Pregnant woman having birth pangs

7 Amazingly Effective Ways to Deal with Birth Pain

When it comes labor pains, not every woman experiences the same amount and duration of pain. Every delivery is unique. So, techniques to deal with birth pain also vary. You need to see what works for you.

Breathe deeply


One of the most important things that helps to deal with birth pain is deep breathing. The first impulse is to get short breaths when the pain starts. However, be conscious and take deep breaths. Be mindful of the contractions. Do not be tensed. Most important: do not fear pain. Think that you are creating a new life. Imagine the Divine energy flowing into you and helping you deliver your baby. Imaginations work wonders.

Don’t scream; but moan


Instead of screaming in pain, make low-pitched moans. Do not stay silent either. Make noises. This helps to ease out the stress of pain. Make loud moans like an animal. Do not feel shy. You are doing the most important task on the Earth. Announce.

 Move; don’t be a tree


One of the mistakes women make is stay like a log on the bed. Once the contractions start, do some movement. You can even walk between contractions. Come down on all fours in bed. Sway. Change your lying position. Squat. Roll on a birthing ball. All these not only help to ease out the pain, but also quicken labor by using gravitational force to your advantage.

Movement helps the baby to come down the pelvic canal.

Let your hubby or midwife massage you


Massage is soothing. Let your hubby rub your hands and feet and temples gently. This will distract you from the pain and relax you. Also, you will feel cared and loved. These emotions boost the morale, which is crucial to cope with the excruciating pain of labor.

 Ride the wave of contractions instead of fighting them


Mind can move mountains and can reduce labor pain too. It’s all about how you see things. When you are thinking of how to deal with birth pain and delivery options, think of contractions like a wave. They begin slowly; become intense; and peak. Then they reduce slowly. Then comes a gap. Again they repeat. This is like a wave. Observe their pattern instead of fighting them and becoming tense. The more you resist, the more pain you will feel. Ride them and you manage to ease pain.

Avoid concentrating on the pain. Think of your baby. Think of the beautiful experience of becoming a mother. Invite your baby into the world!



Epidural helps a great deal in coping with labor. If your pain tolerance is low, you can safely choose this option. However, please discuss with your lady gynecologist about its pros and cons.

Water Birthing


This is getting popular. Water helps to alleviate pain. However, some doctors find it risky. Again, you must discuss it with your gyne and whether there is a water birthing facility near you. The modern world gives women many delivery options. Consider C-section as the last resort. Choose vaginal delivery. Nature has designed a female body to give birth. So, trust your body and Mother Nature.