How Your Baby Grows and Develops: The First 6 Months


How Your Baby Grows and Develops: The First 6 Months

Each baby is unique. They grow and develop at their own pace. So, you must not compare your baby to another. However, doctors have fixed certain milestones to help you get an idea of how well your baby is growing and developing. Here is a brief idea of how your baby grows and develops during the first 12 months of their life.

Month 1:


Newborns sleep for almost 20 hours in a day. They cry whenever wet or hungry. They have only basic senses of vision, sound, touch, and pain. As they approach the second month, most babies can move their hands towards the face, turn their heads to sound, blink at a bright light. They become familiar with your voices. You must hold them by supporting their neck, as they don’t have the strength to hold their heads. Human touch is important to make them feel secure.

Month 2:


Month 3:


This is the month when the baby begins to feel at ease with the new world in which she has arrived. She becomes comfortable with a schedule and their sleeping time reduces. Neck strength improves. They can hold their head, but only for some time. They begin to recognize mother, father, and familiar faces. Their eyes follow moving things. They can open and close their hands and also try to catch objects.

They try to communicate by making sounds.

Month 4:


Baby gains weight by the fourth month. They begin to use their hands more, grabbing at things, and usually putting everything in the mouth. Some babies learn to roll over, while some may try to sit with support. They produce more sounds.

Month 5:


By this month, you will find your tiny newborn grow into an infant. They begin to roll on their backs and stomach. They start babbling. They can see at a little more distance now.

Month 6:


This is a crucial month for your baby. They start teething. You begin to give them solid food. They gain weight. They also sit without support now. They can hold bottles. You can spoon-feed them. Some babies learn to drink from a glass or cup. They may learn two-syllable sounds.

This is an important month, as your baby shows obvious signs of growth and development. Doctors recommend that breastfeeding upto the sixth month is vital. You may continue to breastfeed her for 1 year or more though.

After this, your infant rapidly grows and develops into a toddler and a preschooler. Also, visit a reputed ladies specialist doctor in noida at regular intervals to check your baby’s weight and length over the months and whether she is developing normally.