Vomiting During Pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms, Complications & Treatments


Vomiting During Pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms, Complications & Treatments

Vomiting in Pregnancy

Vomiting in pregnancy is also called morning sickness. It begins in the sixth week, peaks around the 9th week, and disappears anytime between 16th to 18th week of pregnancy. In common, there occurs two types of vomiting one Simple Vomiting and second hyperemesis gravidarum.

Simple vomiting in pregnancy can happen due to an increase in the level of HCG and estrogen hormones. If the symptoms persist for longer than usual and a pregnant woman vomits for the whole day, it is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This symptom can deteriorate the health of the mother and leaves in incapacitated for normal routines. Major causes associated with severe vomiting is an increased level of HCG, progesterone, ghrelin’s, leptins, and estrogen.

In general, simple vomiting is manageable but hyperemesis gravidarum can cause these symptoms:

  • Dehydration due to excessive vomiting.
  • Starvation Ketosis due to less intake of food and fluid.
  • Weight loss.

These symptoms may exist between 9 to 13 weeks and then gradually improve.

Cause of vomiting during pregnancy

You may suffer from vomiting due to reasons like:

  • When you are expecting twins or triplets.
  • If you have a history of vomiting during pregnancy.
  • If you suffer from motion sickness.
  • If you have a history of migraines.
  • Sensitive to certain smells or tastes.

Some complications mothers may suffer from:

The mother with severe vomiting may suffer from:

  • Esophageal tear.
  • Diaphragmatic tear.
  • Vitamin K and B1 deficiency. 

How can you cure vomiting during pregnancy?

 You can cure vomiting during pregnancy by:

  • Aromatherapy, acupuncture, and acupressure.
  • Sipping water mixed with ginger ale.
  • Taking prenatal vitamins.
  • Taking anti-nausea vomiting.

If the condition persists, you must consult your doctor immediately because that may impact the health of your child also.