What Are The Advanced Treatment Options Offered by a Infertility specialist

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What Are The Advanced Treatment Options Offered by a Infertility specialist

Diagnosis of infertility can be devastating for married couples who eagerly look forward to having their own baby. If there is no conception after having normal and regular sex for up to one year, then it can be assumed that either the husband or wife is suffering from infertility.

Male infertility is attributed to low sperm count and decreased motility of sperms. Female infertility is caused by a number of conditions including abnormality of female reproductive organs, irregular menses, PID, and being over age.

Role of the infertility expert

The best option for treatment of if you are unable to conceive is to seek support and guidance of any reputed infertility specialist in Noida or Noida extension. Popular gynecologist in Greater Noida extension go to the root cause of infertility and chalk out the plan to help patients conceive with help of advanced diagnostic and other procedures.

If a lady is not able to conceive even after a satisfactory sexual life, then it is better to visit an infertility specialist in Noida

Any infertility expert is primarily a qualified obstetrician and gynecologist with an in depth knowledge of medical problems faced by women. With additional qualifications in infertility and reproductive science, a good gynecologist can achieve the status of a successful infertility specialist.

What to expect during the first visit

If you are visiting the infertility clinic for the very first time, then be prepared to spend a good amount of time with the gynecologist for discussing your past medical history and other aspects of your health. The doctor would also like to understand details of any infertility treatment you have undergone in the past.

The first consultation for infertility will cover specific goals of the treatment and your infertility expert will inform you about the diagnostic procedures and other treatment options that are available. No particular treatment is initiated without pinpointing the exact cause of infertility.

Advanced methods for infertility care include invasive, non-invasive and use of the latest medicines.

Diagnosing the cause of infertility

In addition to routine blood tests, any established infertility expert in Greater Noida area will advise a number of pathology tests to analyze the status of your reproductive and hormonal system.  These tests are aimed at knowing any abnormality which can be attributed to infertility in women as well as men.

Most common causes of infertility are associated with motility of sperms in addition to quantity of sperms per ejaculation. Issues with penile erection are also associated with male infertility. Hormonal imbalance is another factor that needs to be looked into while diagnosing infertility.

Treating infertility

Experienced infertility specialist in Ace City Noida plans a relevant line of treatment by assessing causes of infertility in both partners. Stimulation of ovaries to produce eggs is often achieved by using medicines. These drugs are designed to enhance production of eggs to improve prospects of getting pregnant.

IVF and IUI are the most sought after infertility treatments that are classified as assisted reproductive treatments. This may also include use of donor sperms if the male partner is unable to produce sperms. Surrogacy may be the only option to have baby in case of certain gestational issues in infertile women.