7 Habits of a Sexually Active Teenager: Parents, Watch Out!


7 Habits of a Sexually Active Teenager: Parents, Watch Out!

Is your teen sexually active? Well, he/she won’t say obviously, but as a parent, you can observe certain signs that will indicate they are into it.

Observe the following behavior of your teen. According to psychologists, these are tell-tale signs that a person is sexually active.

1.Behavioral change

If your teen is an introvert, he/she will become more introverted and vice versa. In case sex for them is like a comforter, they will show elated behavior just after they have done it. Their elation will continue for a day or two without any particular reason to be euphoric.

2. Tracking the parent

Well, well, what is this – instead of you tracking them, they will be tracking you! This is because they will want to know your whereabouts, when you will be back from office, whether you will be late or come early, and such things. They will be looking for “opportunities” to do the act when you are away.

3. Phone obsession

Your teen will become more obsessive for their phones. They would not like you to see their phone. They may even set passwords. In case you manage to have a sneak peek into their phones, you will find coded language, which is a red flag.

4. Provocative dressing

Teenage girls tend to dress more provocatively when sexually active. They become more conscious of their looks and their sensuality. So, if your daughter loves that body-hugging, low-cut, mini dress and rejects your choice of a more modest dress, your antennae should be up.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Does your daughter (even son) spend abnormally more time admiring themselves in the mirror? If yes, then it’s sex brewing in their lives. Your daughter will love putting on makeup, especially doing bold lips. They may take hours to get ready.

6. Declining interest in studies

This may not be true for all sexually active teens, but many teens display a drop in interest in studies. Sex for them is a new and exciting thing; so it grips their emotional being and they are so enthralled by the idea of having sex that their minds are constantly occupied by the thoughts of when they will do it next and where and so on. Sexual relationship can be distracting for a student.

7. Obsession of their things and room

Your teen may not like you peeping in their room or entering without knocking. They may also not like that you look into their bags and things. Chances are they may be hiding something from you, such as condoms, porn magazines or CDs, or some sex toy.

The first thing that a parent should do when they learn about their teen’s sex act is to stay calm.

Shouting, screaming, or even slapping your teenage daughter or son (as in case of many Indian homes) is useless. Your teen has already done it and what is done cannot be undone. Moreover, he or she is at a vulnerable age. Your anger may create a wall between you and the child.